Equity Evaluation Ranking

China A shares

RiskFile partners with Wind Info (China) and RiskFile (Hongkong) to distribute China A share Stock Report to more than 60,000 institutional end users in China and Hongkong area:

  • Covering 1345 listed companies in mainland china
  • Updated monthly
  • 17,000 data points, 130+ indicator, 11 pages for each company

Click to download a sample report (pdf).

S&P 500 Index Component Companies

  • Covering all the S&P 500 index component companies
  • Updated monthly
  • 17,000 data points, 130+ indicator, 6 pages for each company

Quants research reports are available upon request.

Economic projection

The chart above shows the procedures we use to make the macro projection:

  • This is a global model, instead of a partial one, to consider the inter‐connection among the directions of the various economic factors.
  • The first step is to identify the directional regime of 28 key factors, i.e., inflation, interest rate, risk premium, GDP, industrial production, etc.
  • Directional reaction pattern among these 28 key factors is then modeled and identified, on which 16,000 routes can be tested by inputting different assumed directions of the each factor.
  • Economic projection is made by choosing the most possible route tested above and is compared to the most comparable historical times.
  • The model is based on the monthly data since 1962, updated monthly. It gives good indication of the directions of the key economic factors before and after 2008 economic crisis.

(Example of RiskFile macro projection: Real GDP 2009.08)

Macro economic projection is available for China and USA.

Optimization Model

RiskFile’s innovative portfolio optimization algorithm is based on profound academic research and complicated mathematic techniques:  

§  It's designed to minimize the chance of absolute loss and relative loss by considering the interactive impacts among various asset classes to achieve highest returns with one unit of risk taken.

§  Compared to the other traditional algorithms, ours is much more robust, realistic and prompt in responding to changes in the economic and investment environment, and investor’s risk preference.

(Example of RiskFile optimal portfolio construction)